Why can't I shake things off?

I've been really dealing with learning to become stress-free. Which actually is my constant battle every day. However, I will say that most of it has been due to being a mother of four sons. As mothers, you can't just shake things off, even after they are grown up.

Sure if you don't think about them, maybe this method would work. At times I find having homeschooled my children a problem. I hate to admit this. I loved on them so much but now it's just hard not to think of them.

Maybe if my hard-working husband had been home part of the time to lend a hand I may not feel this way. My husband would work twelve to fourteen-hour shifts most of the time. Which meant, I ran my children to all the sports practices and games myself. They were in fencing, baseball, and soccer. My two oldest were in boy scouts too. Now that I look back, was I crazy?

I can't get over how many years I'd feel so exhausted from teaching other children, then my own, keeping the house (I didn&#…

Miracles Would Abound!

As I peeked into the physician's office, it looked like a bedroom. I could vividly see everyone on their knees chanting in Hebrew and praying over their loved one that was very ill.

If I had a drawing pad, I could have sketched this scene from the dream I had this week. I suppose it was a result of a Show and Tell item a sweet seven-year-old girl endearingly brought to the classroom. She wanted to share with everyone the special prayer shawl that her papa brought her from Isreal.
With her dainty little fingers, she pulled it out of the pillowcase embroidered fabric. She laid it on herself with the Hebrew words that were engraved on the hem. Her gracefulness touched me as I watched her display it.

The dream brought a vivid memory of when my neighbor down the street had invited me to Passover at the Hilton hotel. Mind you she wasn't Jewish. But she had friends who belong to the Messianic Jews who had offered her tickets and she chose me to join her that night. I didn't know…

VIPKid -1000th Class

Celebrate with me! I reached my 1000th class on St. Patrick's Day!

VIPKid -1000th Class

Celebrate with me! I reached my 1000th class on St. Patrick's Day!

Shopping Haul 2

I had so much fun creating this video. Check out what I found at the flea market that I'm going to use in the classroom. Please like, subscribe and comment below. Interested in teaching English to children in China? Use my referral link!

Six Vaccines? That's Crazy!

Today as I was scrolling Facebook and noticed an article about how an infant had suddenly died within twenty-four hours due to a series of vaccines, it quickly reminded me of an incident that happened twenty-five years ago.

When I used to take my sons to the local city-clinic, it would be an all-day affair. I'd pack a few toys, snacks, drinks and plenty of diapers. This was back when the internet was yet to be in everyone's home. We did have local television viewing. At the time, I enjoyed watching documentaries or just different medical information in the daily news updates.

Every month it seemed like I was going to the clinic because I had four sons. So either we were at the dentist or getting medical exams. On one of those days, I was sitting with a young Spanish speaking mom. She had been told that they were going to give her child six vaccines.

These nurses were instructed to give parents who brought their babies into the clinic occasionally, to strongly insist that their …

The Goblin

Lately, I've been receiving emails from Guidelines for Living a daily Christian devotional on suicide.

It's strange because I just finished re-watching "The Goblin" on Dramafever. Although, many Christians may judge me for watching this show. I think it had a beautiful way of letting people know how God dealt with this aspect of suicide.

One of the characters in the show happened to be a grim reaper. Unlike the scary type we know as holding a sickle in his hand and wearing a dreary black gown, these were handsome men who dressed in nice suits and wore a black hat that made them invisible. They would walk the Earth just waiting for when someone to reach their time to leave.

The writer of this drama was rather creative on how God punished people who committed suicide. He had them become grim reapers. Part of their journey was that they couldn't remember their past. They wondered never knowing what their true identity was.  Their job was to guide the dead souls to t…