That Plan! Teachers responding to Florida Shootings

Yesterday my heart sank. My heart goes out to families who have lost their loved ones through this tragedy. When the Columbine shooting of 2012, I think we all were shocked but thought this was an isolated incident. Yet, more and more episodes like this are happening. It occurred to me, I've been teaching thirty years and now this Florida shooting has alerted every school nationwide and has alerted even private sectors of education.
           I am a contracted teacher and was approached today to attend a teacher meeting at the location I teach on Fridays. The topic was how are we going to prepare if a shooting should occur on our campus? What?
           We meet at a local church since we are a private group of instructors that convene once a week. However, the Sutherland, Tx incident that happened only a few miles away from our city, made us all realize that churches are no exception.
           My husband travels to work and passes this town every day. He says that th…

Science Tip: Microscope Slides

Why didn't I think of this?

Teacher Tip: Get It Together


Stubborn Mule

Stubborn Mule

Today I acted like a stubborn mule. I have to go swimming twice a week because my right knee suffers from bursitis; plus, I also have fibromyalgia. In order to keep walking and feeling less pain, I head to the pool. I even have a medical document from my doctor that states I get to swim free at our local city natatorium.

Today when I arrived at the pool there were people on the side alotted for us with medical issues, scuba diving. They were taking lessons.

Being we were told that is the side we must use, I just walked passed them in the pool to the other end where another fellow medical swimmer was at. I asked him, "So how long have they been here?" He said, "They are going to be here till two or three o'clock. You are going to have to swim on this side.

So I did a few laps swimming the width of the pool. Then I noticed no one was swimming the last lane of the pool so I ventured to swim the length of the pool. Being I'm blind as a bat without my g…

Thrifty Teacher


Hoarding Teacher

I confess that I'm a hoarder.

Teacher Pat

This is a story about how I didn't want to learn anything new anymore. However, I found myself wanting to learn new things later on in life. After playing Farmville for years, I knew I needed a change. I want to encourage others to learn something new today!  Ebates