Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Adventure Begins

Yesterday marked my husband's maiden voyage in the air. As exhausted as my husband was, Monday, Oct. 8, 2017, was the longest day ever. Not only that but the most mileage ever traveled by air, too.

We arrived at San Antonio Airport at 6:00 a.m. both excited but frankly, I was concerned. So concerned that when the option to purchase medical insurance when booking our flight, I ended up paying that extra money because I was worried my husband may have some issue arise. I wasn't taking any chances.

So that morning, we woke up our late rising son at 4:30 a.m. This twenty-one-year-old wakes up daily at around noon. So it took some major nudging to get him up. Why were we going to pay for a taxi or Uber when you've got a driver in the family? He just had to climb in the car, since his father drove to the airport. As we backed out of the driveway, we said a prayer for the protection of our family and our home.

Hugs and kisses were shared as we grabbed our luggage and head into the line. What? a check-in kiosk? Really? Oh, ghee! Feeling rather displaced, I had to focus on doing this? Actually, it was hubby who managed to guide me through this maze of questions. So when it said twenty-five dollars per luggage, I selected three. Then, I get to the counter to find I didn't have to pay for that extra bag. I could have saved some money. Thank goodness, it is refundable.

So we proceeded through the line to the next phase. We had to show our boarding passes and then I couldn't find one. The rude bald man at the inspection line sends us back. As I'm rummaging through all the papers in my hand, I finally locate it. Hubby says, "Hon, be nice." After thirty-five years, he knows what's going through my mind. Kill, kill, kill.

Thank goodness, it was another official who proceeds to tell us to empty our pockets and take our shoes off. What happens? Of course, we got beeped. The laptop in my carry on bag set it off. Hubby didn't seem at all phased but he was hiding it well. You could see a sigh of relief after that lineup.

Now to the bathroom. At fifty-seven and having four sons, my bladder is not what it used to be. Just making sure before I board. Hubby did the same. Group 6 is now called to board. This was it! No backing out now.

We begin boarding and then find our 15d and 15e seats. I was so grateful to my niece Diana who helped me select the seating. I was going to pick next to the bathroom. She urgently stated, "No, tia. People go to the bathroom to barf and who have diarrhea. Your best near the middle of the plane. You don't smell stinky stuff or feel the turbulence as much." I headed her advice and so glad I did.

Upon settling into our seats, our third passenger in our row was a tall man who never said a word. The whole time he was hunched over and would either look out the window or played his video game. I gave hubby the outer seat near the aisle as I understood sitting in such close proximity to another man is very uncomfortable. Coach seating is very tight. There wasn't much space between seats or passengers ahead of us. I thought hubby was going to feel claustrophobic. He never complained. He just sat and waited. I think he was just relieved we got passed all the check-in lines. I figure our cruise boarding experiences prepared him for this. He was such a trooper and I was proud of him.

As we were instructed on flight procedures by the intercom and the stewardess demonstrated it was time for take-off. Being 6 a.m., it was pitch dark outside but we could see the city lights. I held my husband's rough hands to assure him all was well. Once we started to ascend, I knew he felt this was all happening. The adventure begins.